The ambition of the Apprenticeship and Development Team is to deliver quality training, learning and development to enable us to provide CQC Outstanding care and services and be seen as one of the top 20% NHS organisations to work in.

We want to improve the skills and capabilities of all our staff to deliver improved patient care and services. We are committed to helping individuals realise their development and career goals and recognise untapped potential in our workforce. We want to enable staff to progress their knowledge and skills throughout their career at the Royal, from induction through to retirement, using a variety of reflection, experimental, informal and formal development opportunities.

There are many learning and development opportunities available, some of which are designed for particular roles or for people at certain stages in their career, with others are available to everyone.

Below is some further information on what we offer…

Apprentice: An individual specifically recruited to undertake an ‘apprenticeship’. Apprentices are typically school leavers or young people but not exclusively (there’s no upper age limit) and anyone can apply to be an Apprentice as long as they are:

  • 16 or over
  • Living in England
  • Not in full-time education (although young people can apply whilst at school)

Apprentices undertake ‘on-the-job’ training for a minimum of 12 months and a day.

Depending on the type of apprenticeship the training may last up to 3 years or more. Apprentices must be a paid employee during this time.

We offer a number of apprenticeship programmes externally as follows, our latest apprenticeship vacancies can be found under the ‘work for us’ tab.

  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Pharmacy Services

For further information, please contact the team:

Apprenticeship: Apprenticeship qualifications start at level 2 and go through to masters level. Anyone can do an apprenticeship as part of their role, they do not have to be employed as an apprentice whilst undertaking this training. Apprenticeships are an opportunity for our existing staff to gain new skills, experience and a qualification.

Staff wishing to undertake or explore apprenticeship options should contact:

Useful Contacts

Liz Claridge - Staff Development and Apprenticeship Lead
Telephone: 01246 51 2931

Dawn Moore - Development and Apprenticeship Practitioner 
Telephone: 01246 51 6260

Anne Mooring - Development and Apprenticeship Practitioner 
Telephone: 01246 51 4431

Amy Booker - Clinical Educator for Nursing Associates 
Telephone: 01246 51 3514

Carrie Marples - Apprenticeship Programme Coordinator
Telephone: 01246 51 2408