Tel: 01246 512668 or 513237

Senior matron: Dawn Handley Bleep (792)

Matron: Amanda Marples Bleep (201)

The unit has 8 Funded beds and dealt with 969 patients admitted throughout 2008/9.

All patients are brought in under the care of the admitting speciality team and are looked after by a team of nurses, medical staff, physiotherapists and other health care professionals.

Patients sometimes come to the HDU following an operation, such as a major orthopaedic or general surgical procedure, as a matter of routine. This stay is usually very short but allows for closer observation of the patient in the immediate post-operative period.

Other patients may come to HDU because they need more specialist or intensive therapy that cannot be carried out within the constraints of a general ward due to their general medical or surgical condition.

Visiting Times

Visiting times are 2pm - 8pm.