Tel: 01246 512282 or 512287

Senior matron: Dawn Handley (Bleep 792)

Matron: Amanda Marples (Bleep 201)

The unit has 6 Funded beds and dealt with 356 patients admitted throughout 2008/9.

All patients admitted to the Intensive care Unit are looked after by a highly specialist team of Anaesthetists and Doctors.

Consultant Anaesthetists are Doctors Dods, Beavis, Wroth, Spittle, Groves, Meekins, Withers, Luscombe, Padmakumar, Pawley, Windsor and Cort.
Duncan Farquharson is the clinical director and Tim Meekins is the clinical lead.

Most patients are admitted to ITU because they have suddenly become very unwell whilst at home or their condition has deteriorated to such an extent that they have been transferred from another ward. Some patients may have suffered some type of trauma such as injuries sustained in a fall or a road traffic accident.

Patients are also admitted to allow a closer period of observation following surgery as a matter of routine and to allow for intensive therapy to be administered in the post-operative period.

It is not unusual for either unit to see a lot of activity taking place around the patient's bedside. We use different types of machines to assist in the care and treatment of our patients and we do understand that this can sometimes be daunting for relatives and friends who are visiting.

Please be assured that a nurse or doctor will always explain exactly what the equipment and treatment entails and how it will affect the way your loved one is cared for. We encourage relatives to ask questions and we will always try to be as honest and open with you as we possibly can be.

In addition to the two units, the department supports a Critical Care Outreach Team, which offers clinical support and advice throughout the Trust and assists with the patient flow throughout the Critical Care areas.

Visiting Times

Visiting is open visiting any time.