At Chesterfield Royal Hospital, we are committed to providing an efficient, compassionate and holistic service to patients throughout their lung cancer journey. Unfortunately, lung cancer is the third most occurring cancer within the UK, and our aim is to ensure patient’s gain a rapid diagnosis and treatment plan. 

The Lung Cancer Team is a multidisciplinary team that includes Respiratory Consultants, Radiologists, Histopathologists, Thoracic Surgeons, Oncologists, an MDT Pathway Navigator and Clinical Nurse Specialists. We work together to provide a patient centred and high quality service from pre-diagnosis to confirmed diagnosis, throughout treatment and follow up appointments. 

The lung cancer specialist nursing team will be your point of contact throughout this process and are available Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00. We encourage patients to approach the lung cancer nursing team for any support needs or queries they may have. 

Essential Information for New Patients

What happens in Clinic?

This may begin within attending an appointment to see one of the Respiratory Consultants. This may happen after attending accident and emergency, a referral from your GP, hospital admission or from another speciality. At this appointment, results of any scans you may have had will be discussed fully with you and what will happen next going forward. This may include further imaging, pulmonary function tests, biopsy or referral to another specialist team. 

We realise that this can be a stressful time for patients and their families and we aim to ensure that every patient who receives a new diagnosis of likely cancer will be able to meet with a Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) at the time that diagnosis is given. The CNS will provide details of how you can keep in contact whilst your investigations continue.

Once all the necessary tests have occurred, you will be discussed on our multidisciplinary team meeting in order to discuss the best possible treatment options. A member of the team will be in contact with you regarding the results or if further investigations are required. 

Although the average appointment may last 30 minutes or less, we strive to provide patients with the time they need to fully discuss their diagnosis and ask questions to the consultant. 

How do I change my appointment?

You can contact the hospital on the following number:

New Outpatient appointments              01246 512673

Alternatively, you can telephone the number on your appointment letter.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, please do.

We appreciate the need for patients to be fully supported and our aim is to enable this whenever possible. Please be aware that our consultation rooms are often small and we cannot accommodate large numbers of family members or friends under normal circumstances.

It is helpful if you can ensure that you are accompanied by the same family member or friend on each attendance.

COVID restrictions place extra challenges and the Trust must follow whatever national guidance is in place at the time you attend. Nevertheless, we have managed to continue to enable one relative or friend to be present during clinical consultations. However, waiting areas are small and your companion may be asked to wait outside the hospital until you are actually seen.

Please note, even under non-pandemic conditions, relatives or friends are not able to be present whilst endoscopy, or CT or MRI scans are performed.

For more information on Coronavirus whilst attending the hospital please click here.

Meet the team

Respiratory consultants

Dr Abdulla Lead Lung Cancer Consultant 
Dr Aung
Dr Harris
Dr Davies
Dr Darby
Dr Hickey


Dr Anoop
Dr Puranik
Philipa Claydon 

Cardiothoracic Surgeons

Mr Hopkinson
Miss Socci


Dr Bates

Lung Cancer CNS Team


Jill Allsop - Lead lung cancer CNS


Roxanne Paulucci - Lung Cancer CNS


Laura Hewins - Lung Cancer assistant practitioner  

Useful Links

Roy Castle Lung Foundation 
Macmillian Cancer Support 
British Lung Foundation 

Contact Information

Cancer Nurse specialist contact information 
Lung cancer CNS team 01246 513654 

Hospital main number 01246 277271
New Outpatient appointments 01246 512673

Alternatively, check your letter for contact details.