Novasure endometrial ablation is a treatment for heavy periods and it is performed by destroying the lining of your womb using heat. It can only be performed after assessment of your womb cavity by hysteroscopy (camera examination of your womb cavity) and assessment of the lining of your womb by a biopsy. Some patients are not suitable for this treatment if they have an abnormally shaped womb cavity due to the presence of fibroids or an abnormality of development of the womb that is present from their birth.

You will not be suitable for this treatment if your family is not complete, have pre-cancerous changes in the lining of your womb or a cancerous growth in your womb. You will need to continue to use contraception after the endometrial ablation.

Most of the Novasure endometrial ablation operations are performed under local anaesthetic in the Women’s Health Unit in a Tuesday afternoon clinic. The appointments are about 30 - 45 minutes long and it includes pre- and post-procedure consultations. After the procedure, you will stay on the ward for 30 – 60 minutes before going home. In addition to the doctor performing the procedure, a Staff Nurse will be present to assist the doctor and a Healthcare assistant will also be present to help and support you. There is no need for you to fast before the procedure.

Pain Relief

When you are booked to have endometrial ablation, you will be given a pain relief and anti-sickness tablet pack to take home and you should take all the tablets in the pack an hour before your appointment for the Novasure. Five minutes before the procedure is undertaken you will be given a local anaesthetic injection into the neck of your womb and, gas & air to breathe during the procedure.


The procedure is done in a Tuesday afternoon clinic and you are advised to have your breakfast and lunch as normal. You may experience some discomfort or pain during the procedure and the oral pain relief, the local anaesthetic injection into the neck of your womb and the gas & air you will be given should help.

Novasure Procedure

The procedure is performed by introducing a triangular mesh into your womb cavity, which is heated up using radiofrequency energy which destroys the lining of your womb. The actual treatment time on average takes about 90 seconds and can vary between 30 and 130 seconds.

After the Procedure

You will stay on the ward for 30 – 60 minutes and then be allowed home. You are advised to get someone to drive you back home. You will be given a two-day supply of Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Codeine to take home and you should take these as prescribed for the following two days.

Novasure Clinic Staff

  • MR G R Thambirajah – Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologists
  • Staff Nurse
  • Healthcare Assistant

Patient Information

A patient information leaflet would have been given to you when this treatment was discussed.