Inpatients Occupational Therapy

The OT Team provides services across the inpatient wards, working with patients who, when planning to leave hospital, may not be able to participate in the activities of daily life they would previously have been able to (such as getting washed and dressed, making a meal or getting out of bed).  Patients, the Ward Team, family, or carers can request an Occupational Therapy assessment for a patient on the ward.  

OTs will first confirm with patients what their daily routines were before they came into hospital, if they were receiving assistance with any daily activities or using adaptive equipment. OTs will then ask the patient to take part in similar activities on the ward to assess how that patient’s present abilities compare to their usual abilities before coming into hospital.  The Occupational Therapist then discusses with the patient, the options available to address any change in abilities.  This could result in a referral for further practice of the activities, either at home or in a rehabilitation setting other than the hospital; it could also lead to a referral to social services for carers who can provide support with daily activities; or to the loan of equipment for home (such as a stool to sit on when getting washed).  

The OT Team work with patients with a broad range of conditions, who are experiencing either temporary, permanent or progressive changes to their ability to participate in the activities of everyday life. 

The OT Team regularly refer patients on to Occupational Therapists based in the community, in social services, community teams or the Hospice so that further assessments can be made and the patients can continue to be supported to progress towards taking part in the activities of everyday life.

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