The Critical Care Directorate provides acute specialist clinical services and support services to the hospital trust, including thirteen operating theatres with an average annual workload of 15,000 procedures, 2,250 emergency procedures and 12,750 elective procedures. Emergency services for trauma, general surgery and obstetrics are provided 24-hours each day.

We also have a dedicated Theatre Admissions Unit situated alongside our Theatre complex to allow a more efficient flow of patients through the department.

Specialities covered are:

General surgery - including laparoscopic keyhole surgery for an extensive range of operations including cholecystectomys, hernias, appendicectomys and large bowel surgery.

Maxillofacial surgery - including major face reconstruction surgery.

Orthopaedic Surgery - Including primary lower limb joint replacements, primary upper limb joint replacements, major revision surgery to lower limbs, specialist hand and foot surgery and trauma.

Other surgical services provided include gynaecology, obstetrics, urology, ENT (ear, nose and throat), pain management and ophthalmology.

The day case surgery service affects more than 95% on day discharges for varicose vein surgery.

The use of regional nerve block anaesthesia is embedded in the department, with us being compliant on recent NICE guidance.