This department is led by: Tony Campbell, Director of Performance & Operations

The prime role of the Planning & Performance department is to shape and direct the Trust through the planning, commissioning and delivery of services to ensure;

  • The achievement of national and local targets
  • ongoing monitoring, and initiation of corrective action where necessary, to ensure that the Trust compares favourably with performance indicators.~

    Promotion of a system of working which ensures that traditional methods of service delivery are challenged on a regular basis to check whether improvements could be made for the benefit of patients and carer.

    The department aims to ensure the delivery of national and local priorities through the development of a 3 year Local Development Plan (LDP) in collaboration with the whole North Derbyshire Health Community. The plan demonstrates how national targets, identified in the Department of Health document “Improvement Expansion and Reform: the next 3 years” are to be achieved. The production of the plan within the health community also enables local priorities to be recognised. Services are commissioned from the hospital by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in accordance with the plan.

    Extensive monitoring, and where necessary, initiation of corrective action, is undertaken by the Planning & Performance department to ensure that all targets are met for the benefit of our patients.

Planning & Performance also acts as a support department, providing the following range of services to the clinical directorates:

Capital and Project Management – responsible for the control and ordering of capital equipment and the management of building and engineering projects in the capital programme.

Information Services Management – a comprehensive information service to all directorates and external bodies, including statutory statistical returns.

IT Service and Data Services – the control of IT procurement, training and the control and maintenance of the Trust’s IT systems and networks.

Clinical Coding – all the patient activity of the hospital is recorded and classified using ICD codes to allow for collection, audit and interpretation of activity.

Patient Access

  • New Appointments – arranges new appointments for patients referred to most specialties and ensures wherever possible patients have a choice of appointment date. The department also provides information to ensure that waiting times are actively managed.
  • Admissions – co-ordinates the management of patients waiting for admission across the hospital.

Patient Records, Library and Associated Services

  • Casenote Library – the storage and retrieval of patients notes and keeping records of patient attendances and treatments in line with statutory guidelines.
    Admissions Planning – arranges the provision of casenotes and the recording of patient admissions to hospital.
  • Medico legal services – dealing with solicitors involved in legal cases, retrieving and distributing records needed as evidence in court cases.

Cancer Services Management