COVID-19: Supporting your Recovery

There are a number of resources that have been put together to support your recovery from COVID-19.

The NHS website has put together their own guidance.  

A group of multi-disciplinary health professionals at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals has put together a page to support patients with their initial recovery once discharged from hospital following treatment for COVID-19.  Although hospital admission is referred to throughout the resource, it can also be used for patients who remain in their own homes and we hope that the information and advice provided will assist all patients and their families starting their rehabilitation journey following COVID-19.

This information should not replace any individual advice you may have received on discharge from hospital. If you have any concerns about ongoing or worsening symptoms, please seek advice from either your GP or the NHS 111 website.

Patients who Required Ventilation 

If you required ventilation during your visit, you may find the information below useful:

ICUsteps - The intensive care patient support charity

After COVID Leafet

Our clinicians have put together a leaflet to help patients after they have been discharged from hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19.