Coronavirus Vaccine

One of the national priorities for the COVID-19 vaccine is to make sure people over the age of 80 receive it in the first phase.  At the end of last year, as one of the first 50 hospital vaccination hubs in the country, we contributed to this first priority phase, by offering the ‘jab’ throughout three-weeks in December 2020 to some of our out-patients who fitted this category - and who wanted to have it at that point.  

Now that an array of community vaccination hubs are coming on-board across Derbyshire it is far safer – and often easier - for elderly patients and their family members to get to a local venue.  The NHS will invite them to attend for a vaccine in a place closer to home, where there are fewer risks than making a hospital visit during the pandemic.  The community hubs also offer the Astra Zenica/Oxford vaccine, enabling them to be more flexible with appointment offers, as the storage and management of these vaccines is less intensive.  Hospital hubs only have the Pfizer vaccine available to them and so administering the vaccination involves a more complex system.

In addition, for most patients and their families, another trip to hospital for the second vaccination was also proving problematic as we were struggling to tie it in with the 12-week timescale and any further planned appointments (as most of these are currently taking place via video link or over the phone to reduce footfall in the Trust).  Some families understandably said they’d find it difficult to make a separate trip if it wasn’t linked to a hospital visit.

So here at the hospital, our focus now, in line with national directives, is to continue to progress the mass vaccination plan for the local NHS and social care services – including care home and residential home colleagues.  We are currently targeting those at high-risk from COVID-19, including black and minority ethnic colleagues, those who are considered clinically extremely vulnerable and those working on the front line caring for patients or providing support services.  

Please do not contact us, or your GP or go direct to the NHS until you get this letter.

You can find out more about who is currently being offered the vaccine here and there are more details about the vaccine and what to expect in the information leaflets that Public Health England have published: