We are very interested in finding out about the experience of all people who were cared for in the hospital at the end of their lives. The flowing questionnaire is about the care, services and support that were received by you, your family and your friend or relative. The information you give will help us to improve care for people who are dying and for their family and friends. Your views are, therefore, really important to us.

We realise this questionnaire may bring back strong memories. If you feel upset or distressed, you do not have to continue with the questionnaire and can stop at any time.

If you have any questions - If you have any questions about the questionnaire, please call the helpline number Tel: 01246 513739 – where a member of the Quality Governance Team will be able to help.


The results are usually published every 6 months and brief overview of the findings is given below:

Sept 2016

Comment from a family member

“Excellent care from all staff especially nurses, always attentive and good humoured. I was included in everything and will always be grateful for loving care given to my brother. Thank you to everyone for making an awful time a little easier to cope with - money could not have bought the care received”

Areas where we are doing well

  • 83.8% thought care overall was excellent 
  • 97% thought there was adequate privacy around the bed area
  • Nobody who completed a survey believed pain and symptom management was poorly managed

Areas where we need to improve

Around 30% of families weren’t sure or didn’t think we gave the patient enough choice in their place of care. There is currently a working group in progress which is putting in place new procedures so that we are able to support our patients to be cared for in the place of their choice wherever possible.

We know from this survey and other national surveys that very few people are asked about and supported to make plans for their future care wishes, this might include a lasting power of attorney, an advance decision to refuse treatment or a statement of future care wishes. As a trust we are looking at new ways of talking about illness and future care management and are in the process of developing a process that will help us offer support in this area to more people.