Information for visitors
When we experience cases of Norovirus (a sickness and diarrhoea 'bug') we have enhanced infection control procedures that are put into effect on wards where patients are experiencing the symptoms. If measures are in place we will list the affected wards above.

To prevent the spread of infection we restrict patient admissions, transfers, staff access and visiting.  When these measures are in place you must:

Not visit if you have diarrhoea and sickness (until you have been free of symptoms for 48 hours)

Wash your hands before you enter; and when you leave

Clean your hands with the hand gel; as you go onto the ward; and as you leave

Have one visitor at a time by the bedside

Do not sit on the beds

Do not bring food and drink in (for you or the patient)

Do not bring babies or children to visit

Visit during allocated times

If you have any questions please ring the ward and ask to speak to the Matron.

With your help we can prevent the spread of infection.

Infection Control Annual Report

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