Patients in more of our specialist outpatient areas will soon be able to manage their new appointments online.

The second phase of our Patient Hub programme, will launch at the end of September to see more specialties follow Head and Neck, Cardiology, Urology and Breast Care as part of the initiative.

For the moment it will focus solely on new appointments, whereby patients will be sent a personalised reminder for their appointment, whether it’s via video, telephone or face to face.

A recent new feature to the Patient Hub landing page will be adopted in phase 2 allows patients to see their appointment type, whether it be F2F, via Telephone or Video. Video appointment s will have a button acting as direct link taking the patient straight through to their appointment/ virtual clinic.

When Patient Hub is completely rolled out, patients will be able to confirm, rebook or cancel their hospital appointments, providing all of this information in one place for greater convenience, flexibility and to improve the overall patient experience.

You can find out more about how it works and how it could help you by taking a look at the leaflets and flyers below…just click on the documents to download.

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