Closure of Visitors Entrance

From Monday, 27 June until Friday, 5 August, building works will be taking place to construct a new courtyard covered walkway at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. 

Please note that this closure means that the walkway access through the Visitors Entrance will be closed to patients, the public and colleagues during this time (seven weeks).

More information on diversions can be found here

The following changes are being made from Monday, 25 April with regards to our infection prevention and control measures – including guidance on the number of visitors:

In non-patient areas – e.g. offices, the following changes will be put in place:

  • Social distancing is reduced to one metre (if this can be maintained, masks can be removed).
  • Masks must be worn if moving away from desk space and leaving the office, and masks must be worn in corridors. 


For patient areas – e.g. wards, the following changes will be put in place:

  • With regards to our Emergency Department (ED), to ensure everyone's health and safety, at busy times, accompanying adults may be asked not to wait with patients. This will be at the discretion of our clinicians and colleagues. We appreciate everyone's support and patience.

  • Social distancing will now move to one metre. Surgical masks must be worn by staff, patients and visitors. 

  • In our ED - confirmed negative patients should maintain social distancing of one metre. Those with symptoms or confirmed positive COVID patients will continue as is currently the case through ‘red ED’.

  • Waiting, triage areas and respiratory symptomatic areas must maintain one metre distancing.


For visitors and companions:

  • TWO visitors be allowed for TWO hours per day (not necessarily consecutive). This will include our maternity ward. Compassionate visiting will be at departmental discretion, with patients and visitors being asked to speak to the Nurse in Charge. 
  • In outpatient areas ONE person will be able to accompany a patient. This includes a partner attending for pre-natal scans and a birthing partner. Compassionate visiting will again be at departmental discretion, in discussion with the Nurse in Charge.


For all: Masks must continue to be worn in healthcare settings.

Dr Hal Spencer, Interim Chief Executive, commented: “As a Trust, we recognise that it is the right thing for us to follow these guidelines whilst ensuring the safety of our vulnerable patients. I would actively encourage everybody – patients, visitors and colleagues – to continue to practise good hand and respiratory hygiene, including the continued use of face masks by colleagues and face masks/coverings by visitors and patients.

“We continue to work hard to deliver what is needed to ensure people’s safety; we want to thank you everybody for being so supportive and adapting so well – especially to our colleagues on the frontline delivering care to patients.”