ITU, HDU, Maternity and children’s wards:

Please speak to the ward for details about visiting options for partners, family and friends.

Normal Visiting Times

10am to 8pm

During these hours you can visit patients on these wards:

Ashover, Basil, Elizabeth, Hasland, Markham, Pearson, Portland, Ridgeway, Robinson, Nightingale

2pm to 8pm

Barnes, Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU), Durrant, Eastwood (Stroke Unit), Elmton, Emergency Management Unit (EMU), High Dependency Unit (HDU), Murphy, Staveley, Manvers


We have open access for parents and siblings.
Grandparents can visit from 3pm -9pm
Other visitors 3-4pm & 6-7pm
Any children under the age of 16yrs unable to visit due to infection risks

Visitor's Code

Follow our visiting code to help us make the hospital cleaner and safer for our patients:

  • To help to prevent the spread of infection use the hand hygiene stations to wash and gel hands as you go in and out of wards and after visiting the toilet;
  • Visit for around two hours at a time – and allow patients to get the rest they need as well to help them recover*;
  • Don't bring food or drink on to the ward for you - or for patients (unless you've agreed something with the ward matron as part of the patient's care);
  • Respect patient mealtimes - our mealtimes are protected to give patients peace and quiet whilst they eat a meal. This means that all clinical work stops (unless its urgent) so the meal is a social ocassion that everyone can enjoy. If you are generally visiting try to avoid our mealtimes (12-1pm and 5-6pm) but if you are helping or encouraging your loved-one to eat you are of course, still welcome on the ward during the protected time. Speak to the matron or nurse in charge if you have any questions.
  • Leave children under the age of 11 at home - unless the patient is a parent, or visiting is for specific reason and has been agreed in advance with the ward matron;
  • Don't sit on the beds – use the bedside chairs and have a maximum of two people at the bedside at any one time as this helps to reduce the risk of infection spread;
  • Stay at home - if you have flu-like symptoms or diarrhoea and vomiting (until you have been symptom-free for 48 hours);
  • Stay at home - for 48 hours before you visit if you have been in close contact with anyone who has a contagious infection including diarrhoea and vomiting;
  • Appreciate staff are working - when you are on the ward staff may need to ask you to move for a short time so they can carry out their normal duties – such as cleaning;
  • Speak to someone straight away - if you have any concerns or worries, so they can be resolved as quickly as possible.  Your help and support is appreciated.

Important information:

* we will always try to be flexible in difficult or unusual circumstances and arrangements may differ for patients on end of life care.

Please speak to the ward matron or nurse in charge if you have any problems.

Note that the visiting times DO NOT apply to children’s wards, maternity ward’s or wards where seriously ill patients are cared for (such as ITU).

You will find a leaflet to download below that outlines the visiting times for each ward along with details of how you can help our ward staff make the most out of your visit...

Please note that visiting times for Trinity Ward are 2-8pm.  Only 2 visitors per patient. Patients only children only. Other children must be over 14 years. 

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