Before you leave hospital, staff will help you to plan your departure and will give you advice on how to take care of yourself.

You may need details about your condition, medication and the treatment that you will need once you are back at home. Depending on your diagnosis, dieticians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists may be available to help before you leave the hospital.

Staff will also tell you about follow up appointments, rehabilitation and support services that can help with problems you may have after leaving hospital. Sometimes patients need help with health and social care after leaving hospital. A social worker will visit you if you have additional needs once you are back at home.

We recommend if you are a day patient and have any form of sedation that you arrange for someone to take you home.

On the day of your discharge, you may be invited to move to the discharge lounge where you will be cared for whilst the hospital makes all the necessary arrangements such as transport etc... The Discharge Lounge is based on Elizabeth Ward close to the visitors' entrance and can be called on 01246 513581. If picking a relative from the Discharge Lounge, please use car park 5 or 6.