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Head of Imaging - Karen Moxham

Performance Manager - Julie Griffiths

Clinical Lead - Dr Heather Harris

Department Equipment

Our imaging department provides diagnostic support for a range of routine symptoms, medical emergencies and injuries. The department consists of:-

  • X-ray – 6 general x-ray rooms for outpatients, Emergency Department (ED) patients and inpatients.

  • Fluoroscopy – 3 fluoroscopy rooms for interventional procedures.

  • Mobile x-ray machines (4) for use on wards and ED.

  • Mobile image intensifiers (3) for use in theatres.

  • Ultrasound – 4 rooms for general and vascular ultrasound, 4 ante-natal/Gynae ultrasound.

  • 2 CT (Computerised Tomography) scanners.

  • 1 MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner.

  • Nuclear Medicine – Gamma Camera.

  • DEXA scanner (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry).

  • Mammography – symptomatic service plus a Breast Screening service including on-site equipment, a satellite unit at Scarsdale and 2 mobile units.

  • Medical Photography.

Department Staff

The department employs Radiographers, Sonographers, Medical Technologists, Radiologists, Assistant Practitioners, Clinical Assistants and Administrative & Clerical staff.

Community Services

We provide an x-ray service at Whitworth hospital and an x-ray and ultrasound service at Buxton hospital.


The Royal College of Radiologists' Imaging Referral Guidelines (iRefer) help referring clinicians to determine the most appropriate imaging investigation for their patient. Appointments are handled by our internal call centre.

Modernisation agenda

The Imaging department is proactive about the modernisation agenda in realtion to equipment, services and our workforce. Some ongoing projects are as follows:-

  • Equipment replacement programme – we have recently replaced some ultrasound equipment and are planning to introduce our first fully digital x-ray room this financial year. A plan is in place to replace and upgrade other equipment over the next 5 years.

  • A project is underway to replace our second CT scanner and relocate it next to our other CT scanner to facilitate a more efficient service and to make space for a new, second MRI scanner to support our expanding MRI service.

  • Supporting the training and development of Advanced Practice Reporting Radiographers in x-ray and MRI to support our existing team in x-ray, mammography and CT.

  • Supporting extended role opportunities in, for example:  

  • IV injections/cannulation.

  • Hysterosalpinograms.

  • Reporting.

  • GI screening.

  • Supporting training in Sonography.

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