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          Kayleigh- Registered Nurse

     ''A Nursing Associate programme became available so when I was given the chance to progress further in my career I jumped at the opportunity. I will be on the Nursing apprenticeship for 18 months to top up my Foundation Degree and it’s an exciting new chapter in my career development and I’m really looking forward to it.”

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    Hayley- Assistant Practitioner

    ''My Matron put me forward for the Assistant Practitioner Foundation degree programme which I completed on an apprenticeship. I was able to do this whilst I remained in my post and was paid my usual wage. I have been qualified for a year as a band 4 Assistant Practitioner and I have now enrolled on the Nursing Associate Degree.''

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    Cath- Assistant Practitioner

    "I love the variation - there are so many aspects to look at - you can take that route or that route, there's a constant learning environment - I am always excited, there's always something new. And the people! You meet some wonderful people. Making people better and sending them home, and having that contact with them at that most vulnerable time of their life is - putting a smile on their face and seeing them get better. I'm going to get these two years out of the way and top up do my degree and become a staff nurse and we will see what the world holds!"

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    Emma- Registered Nursing Associate

    “I’m under no illusions that it’ll be hard

    work but I’ve always loved a challenge

    and so pleased to be able to realise

    my ambition whilst keeping the

    work-life balance. I’m always prepared

    to put in the work, the harder the work, the greater the rewards and I’m grateful for the opportunity.’’