Here at Chesterfield Royal Hospital we value our Armed Forces community, many of whom are treated here – and some of whom come to work here. We are delighted and humbled to hear their stories and harness their skills and talents.

As a Trust we are working towards becoming accredited as Veteran Aware in order to support veterans, their families and our staff.

We are committed to Improving Armed Forces and Veteran Care Whilst Raising NHS Standards for All and forming a strategic partnership between the Nation, the Armed Forces, and the NHS.

Being a member of the Veterans Covenant Healthcare Alliance (VCHA) will join us with a network of over 40 NHS providers that have volunteered to share and drive the implementation of best practice in NHS care for people who serve or have served in the UK Armed forces and their families in line with the Armed Forces Covenant.

On this page you will find resources for both staff and patients who -

  • Are currently serving
  • Are veterans
  • Who are dependants of a veteran

Our Management Champion is Claire Lambie, and can be contacted by email on

  • Our Armed Forces community is never disadvantaged compared to other patients, in line with the NHS’s commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant;
  • We are training relevant staff on veteran specific culture or needs;
  • We can help make veterans, reservists and service families aware of appropriate charities or NHS services beneficial to them, and signpost them to services to support their mental health or financial and/or benefit claims;
  • We can help support the Armed Forces as an employer.

The introduction of the Veteran Aware standard for hospitals and the Veteran Friendly GP practices are really excellent initiatives. This is brilliant news for all and shows really effective working relationships between the MOD, the NHS and the charity sector. Great for all who serve and have served their nation.

Nicky Murdoch, Chair of the Armed Forces Public Patient Participation Involvement Group