Summary of the recruitment and selection process


Please note that all pre-employment checks must be received before commencing in post. Offers may be withdrawn where satisfactory checks cannot be obtained. 

Where do you apply?

All vacancies are advertised on the NHS Jobs website. There is additional information on each advert to assist you in completing the application along with general conditions of employment, transport links and parking at the hospital, benefits and much more. Should you

require any support in completing your application please contact the HR Support Services team for help and advice on (01246) 513177.

The selection process

Being prepared for your assessment will help to give the best impression of you and help you feel more confident. It will also enable you to gain a full understanding of the post you have applied for and how it may work on a daily basis.

Values based assessments are used to make the recruitment process as open and fair as possible by asking a series of questions that are relevant to the role and values of the Trust. The values based questions are in addition to the required competencies specific to the position.

What happens at the assessment?

This will depend on the role you have applied for and number of candidates who have applied. However you can expect a number of activities as listed below (the type of assessment will generally be communicated on the vacancy advert / invite);


A values based interview will be held to find out more about you and focus on your own values and how these will match to the relevant position. For example ownership of certain situations, interactions with people etc. There will also be a focus on those competencies that are most important for the particular job. You may also be required to meet other, specific essential criteria.

What should I expect in the interview?

Values based questions are slightly different to the style you may have been used to. They will tend to focus on past situations and your behaviour in those situations. Questions are likely to start with “Please give me an example of when ...” or “Please describe an occasion...” etc.

An interview panel will comprise of two or more people, at the beginning of the interview the panel should introduce themselves and explain what will happen during the interview. As there is more than one person, when answering questions it is good practice to talk to the whole of the panel and not just the person who has asked the question.

Group assessment

During the assessment day you may be required to take part in a group discussion / assessment. You will be given a scenario or subject to discuss in the group and be assessed during the allocated time. Whilst it is understandable that this can be daunting, try and focus on the subject matter of the discussion / assessment as this is what you will be measured upon.


You may be asked to complete tests, dependant on the role which you have applied for. For example; literacy and numeracy, drug calculations etc. Should you require any support to complete any tests please speak to the HR Support Services office on (01246) 513177 prior to the interview date.

What will interviewers /assessors be looking for?

The interviewers / assessors will be looking for specific examples describing how you have approached certain situations. You may choose to use relevant examples from your current job, a previous role or a situation out of work altogether. You will be asked to discuss the example in detail. It is likely that the interviewers will then follow up with some probing questions. They will be interested in the outcome of the situation, whether there was anything you learned from the experience etc. The interviewers may also want to ask you questions about the information you have provided in your application and some questions relevant to the role and working for the Trust.