Be on time! Practice getting to the hospital / site to see how long it will take and on the day set off in good time and aim to be early. The hospital is a large site, check out the maps to help you find the area your interview will be held in. Travel and car parking details can be found in the additional information section of the job advertisement on NHS Jobs. If you are going to be late or cannot attend due to an emergency, please telephone the recruiting manager or HR Support Services department to let them know.

Be prepared! Research and learn about the Trust and Division / Directorate. Look at the information on the website; research the role before you attend the assessment. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask the interviewers any questions and it is advisable to think through these in advance.

Image! Wear something appropriate in which you feel comfortable. Dress code at the Trust is to be professional and smart but remember that if you are uncomfortable it could hinder your performance.

Remember to smile, make eye contact and be yourself.

Behaviour! Be confident, professional and polite.

Write down and practice possible questions! Writing your questions down and practice them with someone will make it easier to remember when you get to the interview. 

Answers! Make sure that you listen to the question and keep your answers clear and focused. If you are unsure ask the panel to clarify what they are asking, to rephrase or if you can come back to that question at the end.

Qualifications! If the person specification requires specific qualifications it is advisable to take the original copies of relevant certificates along to the interview.