Leading the Chesterfield Way

As part of our People Strategy and its key priorities, we’ve set out to improve how we support and develop leaders at all levels in the hospital, whether they’re starting out in their leadership career, or they’re a leader with many years’ experience.

‘Leading the Chesterfield Way’ is a framework for all leaders – in both clinical and non-clinical roles. Based on the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model it sets out the behaviours and characteristics that the Trust expects from its leaders, as well as those that are not desirable.

With its nine key components ‘Leading the Chesterfield Way’ describes what a ‘Proud to Care’ leader looks like and why each of the factors is important. It explains how leaders can effectively demonstrate these behaviours and develop them - to improve how they lead day-to-day. As well as providing a leadership structure, the framework is also designed to support individual development through appraisal, career progression and personal development plans.

‘Leading the Chesterfield Way’ shapes people development, compassionate care and quality improvement.

It is an integral part of making the hospital an even better place to work and as a result improving the high standards of care and service we give to our patients.

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