As the largest employer in North Derbyshire, the Trust and its subsidiary DSFS, is an 'anchor' organisation and as such we are committed to actively contribute to employment in the area. Enabling access to work experience in the Trust promotes job opportunities for local people and promotes the NHS as an attractive career option.

Through our work experience, we aim to demonstrate our Proud to CARE values (Compassion, Ambition, Respect & Encourage) and our proud to learn culture through supporting, facilitating, enabling and empowering work experience individuals to achieve their learning objectives.


Individuals who apply for work experience at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust must demonstrate an interest in working in the NHS as placements are limited.

Where applicable, individuals must be studying for the qualifications that will be required for them to enter their potential career.  Individuals should understand that clinical placements are for observation only and practical tasks will not be allowed.  All students must be sixteen years or above for a clinical placement.

We do not offer placements in Intensive Therapy Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Special Care Baby Unit, Central Delivery Suite or Theatres due to the vulnerability of the patients within these areas.

We will do our utmost to provide a requested work experience placement, however we offer no guarantees as vacancies are limited. To avoid disappointment, applicants are advised to apply at least three months in advance of your placement request.

There Are 8 Categories of Work Experience

Category 1 - Open Day & Shadowing

An open day or shadowing opportunity specifically for individuals to gain an insight into a specific field in healthcare before applying for a university course for a particular healthcare professional qualification

Category 2 - Medical Work Experience

Medical Work Experience is a one-week programme, delivered once per year (July), providing a comprehensive insight into the role of a doctor and is designed for individuals who have applied, intend to apply or will be applying for a place at medical school.

Category 3 - World of Work

World of Work is a one or two week programme for pre-sixteen year old students or the long-term unemployed to experience insight into non-clinical work experience. The programme will focus on communication, team-working and the NHS as an employer.

Category 4 - Unpaid Internships

To support individuals who are on or have completed a college or university course. Its purpose is to provide individuals with work experience for up to six months to support their theoretical learning and for unemployed graduates to gain experience to secure future employment.

Category 5 - Technical Programme (T-Level)

To support individuals who are undertaking the Technical Programme (T-Level). These placements will be for a duration of a minimum of 315 hours supported over a two year period in order to help individuals complete their technical programme and help secure either an apprenticeship or employment or apply for a Higher Education Programme.

Category 6 - Cadetships

Cadetships commencing January to Easter. To provide six to twelve months experience in the Healthcare Support Roles for one day per week. Applicants must be completing a BTEC Diploma in Health and Social Care, T-Levels or equivalent and be aiming to apply for a pre-registration healthcare programme.

Category 7 -  Prince's Trust

To provide a four to six week programme of work experience, in partnership with the Prince's Trust Charity, to help young people develop key skills, confidence and motivation, enabling young people to move into work, education or training.
To apply, contact the Prince's Trust at

Category 8 - Apprenticeships

A twelve month to 3 years training contract linked to an accredited apprenticeship framework.
To apply, see NHS jobs for vacancies at


What sort of things will I be doing?

You will be expected to provide learning outcomes to the placement area where a plan to meet these will be agreed. Observation and shadowing will make up a large proportion of your time during work experience.

What should I wear?

You must comply with the Trust Staff Appearance Policy and Standards and observe the general dress code identified below:

  • Dress cleanly and smartly for the duration of placement
  • No jeans to be worn at any time
  • Appropriate footwear to be worn at all times
  • Visibly display Trust Personal Identification at all times
  • Wear tabards/tunics at all times when in clinical areas
  • Wear long hair off neck and shoulders in clinical areas
  • Bare below the elbow in clinical areas
  • Comply with the Staff Appearance Policy in relation to Jewellery

How do I apply?

All applications must be made online through the Joined Up Careers Website:

Any further queries can be directed to the Practice Support Coordinator, based in the Centre for Practice Learning:

*Please note that your application must be received at least six weeks prior to the required placement date.


Please be aware that many placements remain on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions that are still in place have affected the placement areas in terms of physical space, staffing and available learning opportunities, which have significantly limited the number of available placements. Because of this, applications are currently being considered on an individual case-by-case basis.

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