Medical Work Experience

The Trust offers two Medical Work Experience programmes per year which supports individuals who are considering a career in Medicine.  This programme is only open to post 16 students who are in receipt of their GCSE results and would meet the criteria to apply to Medical School.

Although subject to possible alteration, the programme below outlines a typical medical work experience schedule with some of the interactive activities and sessions which are delivered as part of this programme, including two days shadowing Consultants, Doctors and their teams in a clinical setting, either on the ward or in clinics.

Despite Covid restrictions, students attended a very successful Medical Work Experience Programe in February 2022. 

Some of the comments from Medical Work Experience Students 2022.

A further very successful Medical Work Experience programme was enjoyed by 12 students in July 2022.

 You may be interested in further information about a career in Medicine that can be found on the following websites.

Click on the links below to be taken to the websites.

Observe GP is an initiative set up by the Royal College of General Practitioners, a professional body in the UK for GPs. Observe GP is a free system that was created for the purpose of giving each and every medical applicant a fair chance at gaining work experience, not reliant on who their family happens to know.

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