CRH Child Development.jpegThe Child Development Centre is a specialist assessment, diagnostic and therapy centre for children and young people, covering the geographic region of North Derbyshire.

CDC caters for new referrals for Children and Young People (CYP) from birth to their 16th birthday (some follow-up reviews will continue up to their 18th birthday in situations e.g., Children and Young People with complex neuro-disability who attend special schools).

We are a team of 11 x Community Paediatricians and 4 x Specialist Nurses and accept referrals for diagnostic assessment, opinions and advice on the management of suspected or diagnosed:

  • Complex developmental impairment, particularly where there is evidence of speech and language impairment, disorders of hearing and vision
  • Moderate to severe speech and language & communication difficulties
  • Significant impairment in gross and fine motor skills including cerebral palsy, neuromuscular disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • ADHD
  • Significant behavioural difficulties in conjunction with speech and language impairment
  • Complex moderate-severe learning disability (requires supporting evidence from an educational psychologist)
  • Genetic conditions associated with learning/intellectual disability (e.g. Down syndrome)

Referrals are made from the young person’s GP or school, and all referrals are reviewed by a Single Point of Access (SPoA). If accepted, we will then usually see the carer and young person together in clinic to carry out an assessment. Sometimes the first appointment may happen on the telephone in order to gain further information.