If you’re being cared for or are visiting our hospital, you can use this page to find out about the meals and snacks we provide inpatients, and the food and drink options available to outpatients and visitors.

Outpatients and visitors: food and drink options:


Located within the heart of our hospital's main entrance, our cafe stands as a beloved outlet for staff, patients, and visitors. With great value and commitment to serving high-quality food, our cafe has become a hub within our healthcare community. Cafe@theRoyal offers:

  • Hot and cold breakfast meals
  • Hot and cold lunch and dinner meals
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Cakes and snacks

Cafe@theRoyal is open Monday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm.


Stacked offers healthy salad boxes, sandwiches and hot pizzas and 'sub style' wraps and sandwiches.

Stacked is open from 11am to 2pm.

The Retreat

Located near the NGS Macmillan Centre, The Retreat serves hot and cold food items such as jacket potatoes, sandwiches and hot and cold drinks. 

  • Hot breakfast meals
  • Hot and cold lunch and dinner meals
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Cakes and snacks

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is located at the rear of The shop@theRoyal in the main entrance. The shop also has a Costa Coffee machine for quicker service.

Inpatients: mealtimes advice

We offer a variety of hot and cold drinks available at any time throughout the day. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are also provided for your convenience.

Your mealtime is important to us. If you require assistance with eating or drinking, visitors are welcome to stay and support you during meals. To ensure your comfort, any necessary tests will be scheduled before or after meal periods.

If you require assistance during mealtimes, let us know. We're here to help and make your dining experience as enjoyable as possible.

If you miss a meal, you can order a snack pack. Discuss this with your nurse or food service assistant.

If you've experienced unexplained weight loss, feel underweight, or have a diminished appetite, please contact a nurse. Our dedicated team can supply a dietitian for assessment and personalised advice.

If someone brings food or drink from outside, please consult the nurse in charge. Depending on your care plan, the provided items might not fit with your dietary requirements. Your wellbeing is our priority.

You have the flexibility to choose your breakfast, lunch, and dinner from our diverse menus. Our offerings include both hot and cold items, catering to different preferences. Vegetarian, vegan, and international cuisine options are also available.

Please inform our nursing staff or food service assistant if you have any allergies, specific dietary requirements, or religious preferences. We aim to provide meals that cater to your unique needs and preferences.

Hospital inpatient menus

Our standard main menu is split into two weeks. Please ask your nurse or catering assistant which week we are currently serving.

View our week one and week two menus to see what we offer:

Our Nutritional Menus contain nourishing dishes that are higher in energy and protein than our general menu and can meet increased nutritional requirements in modest portion sizes, which are appealing and easy to eat. Suitable for patients with a small or poor appetite or those with increased energy and protein requirements.

View our week one and week two menus to see what we offer. Ask your nurse or catering assistant which week we are serving.

Our Children's Menu contains food that we know children know and love (even those pesky picky eaters):

Our Speciality Menus are designed for patients who are vegan, vegetarian or have cultural beliefs. We also have menus for patients who have difficulty eating. These include bite-sized meals, minced and moist meals and purred meals: