At Chesterfield Royal Hospital, we are fully committed to providing an exceptional patient experience. 

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your hospital experience, please speak to the person in charge of the ward or clinic. We want all our patients to have the best experience possible during your time with us and our staff will do their best to resolve any issues you raise. 

However, if you feel uncomfortable in doing so, or are unable to do so, then the PALS team will endeavour to assist you. PALS is a less formal route for addressing more immediate issues and the service aims to respond more informally within 15 working days.

If you remain unhappy after your discussions to resolve your concerns, you can make a complaint with our complaints team who will be happy to help you. You are of course free to decide who you want to contact initially to resolve your concerns.

Please be aware that the PALS team may need to access the hospital’s appointment system, your medical records and/or liaise with other departments, in order to be able to help you with your enquiry.

  • If you have a problem with a ward or clinic or member of staff, PALS can talk to them on your behalf to help find a possible resolution.
  • Help with general enquiries about the hospital and its services. 
  • If you have any ideas about how we can make things better, PALS can feed back to the relevant area and let you know the outcome.
  • Take details of praise and compliments you wish to pass on in relation to the care and treatment you have received.
  • If the concern you bring to us is about another trust we will contact the relevant trust so that they help you, or we will give you the information you need to contact the correct trust.

  • offer a counselling service 
  • give you detailed medical information or a medical diagnosis 
  • change or affect a medical decision that has been made 
  • book or change appointments 
  • deal with requests for work experience or volunteer opportunities, references, invoices, job applications and promotional and advertising materials. These requests will not receive a response.