At Chesterfield Royal, we want to make sure patients and those close to them are treated with dignity and respect.

As part of this commitment, our staff worked with patients to develop a set of dignity standards. These standards act as a reminder of how we must conduct ourselves, as well as telling patients and visitors what they can expect.

We will work openly and honestly with everybody. If mistakes are made you will be able to discuss what went wrong, an apology will be given where appropriate and you will be informed of any action.

You will be listened to and supported to enable you to express your needs and wishes.

We will act professionally with everyone and treat you with courtesy, kindness and compassion.

We will welcome you and create a safe calm and clean environment.

We will ask the preferences of gender for your care and this will be provided where possible.

You will be asked before any of your information is shared with relatives, careers and friends.

Your privacy and dignity will be maintained at all times, including whilst being transferred through the hospital, during discussions or when you are being examined or treated.

We will ask you what you prefer to be called. We will introduce ourselves appropriately by name and job/role both in person and on the telephone. If you experience delays, we will explain the reasons in a polite manner.