Memorial Service 2023-8.jpgWe are a multi-faith team that offers spiritual and religious care to patients, staff, visitors and volunteers. You do not have to think of yourself as ‘religious’ to make use of our service.

Some people may value the opportunity to talk to someone about what is happening to them and how they feel about the changes they may be facing. For many patients, being ill and/or experiencing a trauma of some kind can turn their world upside down. It can challenge their identity – who they are, how they see themselves and their relationships.

We aim to enhance patient and carer experience and offer support to staff.

What is spiritual care?

Spiritual care doesn’t have to be religious.

Spiritual care is about valuing and respecting who people are, whatever their religion, culture, background, gender or sexuality.

The spiritual care team have no agenda or tick lists. Instead, we aim to simply be there, to support patients, relatives and staff alike through both the extraordinary and the ordinary.

Staff Team

  • The Rev. Martyn Jinks – Head of Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care (Free Church)
  • The Rev. Fr. Adrian Tomlinson – Deputy Head of Pastoral Care (Roman Catholic)
  • Hospital Imam - Dr Younis Shandookh (Muslim)
  • The Rev. Dr Judith Reece - Honorary Assistant Chaplain (Free Church)
  • Mrs Lyndsey Huntingdon – Secretary to The Head of Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care 

Sessional/Call Team

  • Rev Patrick Coleman (Anglican)
  • Rev Ian Price (Anglican)
  • Rev Fr. Christopher Ainslie (Roman Catholic)
  • Rev Rhoda Blackwell (Anglican)
  • Rev Gillian Ball (Anglican)
  • Rev Geoffrey Borrowdale (Anglican)
  • Rev Daniel Cooke (Anglican)
  • Rev. Adrian Arnold (Anglican)

Volunteer Team

  • Mr Jim Noone – RC Pastoral Visitor 
  • Mrs Linda Noone – RC Pastoral Visitor 
  • Mrs Maggie Gore – Methodist Chaplaincy Volunteer  
  • Mr Colin Morgan – Free Church Chaplaincy Volunteer 
  • Mrs Tracey Winfrow – Anglican Chaplaincy Volunteer

We also have Specialist Faith Advisors from the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jehovah's Witness & Jewish Communities. 

  • Support for you, your relatives or friends.

  • Time and space to explore your thoughts and feelings.

  • A caring, sensitive and non-judgmental ear.

  • Religious care in response to your individual needs.

  • Support for staff.

  • Monday - Open for Prayer & Reflection 
  • Tuesday - Open for Prayer & Reflection 
  • Wednesday - 7.30am - Roman Catholic Mass 
  • Thursday - 12pm - Ecumenical Reflective Service  
  • Friday - 1pm - Muslim Prayers
  • Saturday - Open for Prayer & Reflection Sunday - Open for Prayer & Reflection 

Chaplains organise a variety of services of remembering each year to remember those who have died. These include pregnancy loss, neonatal, paediatric and organ donation services.

The services are designed for those of all faiths and none. Family members, alongside staff from various disciplines, often take part in the services. Attendance numbers strongly suggest that this is a very worthwhile service, offering people a space to remember people who have died in a sensitive and supportive way. Whether it is through the lighting of individual candles, writing messages or placing ribbons on the memory tree, these are emotional and moving occasions.

Following each service, there is an opportunity for people to stay for refreshments. This can be an important moment for families to meet each other and share their experiences of loss.

Staff wellbeing and support are extremely important to us in the Spiritual Care team. We are here to support staff just as much as patients, their families & friends. These are both well attended and very much valued by staff.

The Multi-Faith Centre is always open and we aim to create a space where people feel free to come in, whether for peace, reflection or prayer. We aim to make it a space where the hospital community can meet, for talks, events, music, art, food, meditation, as well as the more traditional religious services.