CRH Childrens Diabetes 2023.jpegWe have a team of three Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Clinical Psychologists, Dieticians and two  Consultant Paediatricians with expertise in Diabetes that deliver an MDT approach to patient care.

The Paediatric Diabetes Multidisciplinary Team ensures a coordinated and consistent approach to diagnosis, treatment and support services for all children and young people diagnosed with diabetes between the ages of 0 – 19 years in the North Derbyshire Region.

The multidisciplinary team aims to achieve the highest standards of patient care and outcomes through the following measures:

  • Providing comprehensive information with regards to diabetes management to children, parents, relatives and carers including staff at school at the time of diagnosis. ​
  • Providing ongoing support through regular outpatient clinics, home visits, and regular telephone contacts with children and families.​
  • Ensuring that all children have a health care plan provided for use at school.​
  • Following National Guidelines including NICE, NSF, BSPED, ISPAD and developing local guidelines which are reviewed periodically.​
  • Participating in local, national and international research studies and incorporating new research and best practices into children’s diabetes care.​
  • The collection of high-quality data through audit and analysis and participation in the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit.​
  • Involving patients and families in the assessment and redesigning of the service.