Publish date: 10 June 2024

We are aware of an issue concerning a potential risk of Listeria in a number of products sold by ‘The Real Wrap Company’ in some of our retail outlets.

This does not affect any items made by Chesterfield Royal Hospital and only those pre-packaged and made by the external company.
The Real Wrap Company Ltd is taking the precautionary action of recalling ready-to-eat products including sandwiches, paninis, rolls, toasties and wraps because of the possible presence of listeria monocytogenes. This recall only affects products sold at retail stores in healthcare settings.
The items sold by The Real Wrap Company with use by dates of 9, 10 and 11 June are affected.

You can find out which products are impacted on the website. For further information, please contact the Real Wrap Company at

We are working to resolve the supply of sandwiches and products as soon as possible. In the meantime, we are also reviewing our in-house catering with a view to increase our own offer. Thank you for your patience.

Symptoms caused by this organism can be similar to flu and include high temperature, muscle ache or pain, chills, feeling or being sick and diarrhoea. However, in rare cases, the infection can be more severe, causing serious complications, such as meningitis. Some people are more vulnerable to listeria infections, including older people, pregnant women and their unborn babies, babies less than one month old and people with weakened immune systems.