Publish date: 22 December 2023

Veezu, formerly City Taxis, has pledged to donate £1000 to their Charity of the Year, Chesterfield Royal Charity.

The donation will help provide equipment to Paediatric Play Specialists, who deliver therapeutic play to children on the ward. The service helps keep children entertained whilst waiting on the ward for surgery, distracts them when they are having procedures, and helps take their mind off being in hospital.

The role of a Paediatric Play Specialist is paramount in ensuring that children within hospital receive the emotional support, guidance, and developmental assistance they need during their time on the ward. Through the power of play, these specialists create a comforting and therapeutic environment, easing anxiety, fostering joy, and aiding the healing process.

Sacha Skinner, Regional Marketing Manager at Veezu, said: “We are honoured to contribute to the invaluable work of Chesterfield Royal Hospital Charity and help to support the work of the Paediatric Play Specialist team. Their role goes far beyond the medical realm, touching the lives of children and families during what can be a daunting and challenging period for all. We hope the donation will bring smiles and comfort to those in need.”

Jenny Reaney, Play Specialist Team Leader, at Chesterfield Royal Hospital said: “We are so grateful to Veezu who have helped to fund some new toys for the play areas on our Nightingale (Children’s Ward), the Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) and the Den. All our toys and equipment are funded by kind donations and this one has enabled us to replace some of the older toys that have been well-loved and used. The addition of our fantastic new PAU, which opened this year, has stretched our play resources but this money has enabled us to restock an ensure that we can continue to provide toys and activities across all the areas.

“Play is often how children express themselves and deal with different situations and by being able to provide the toys and activities that are normal to them in a strange ‘hospital’ environment can help them to deal with their time here and aid their recovery. These toys will be well used and enjoyed by the children we look after – so thank you very much Veezu and Merry Christmas!”