This tool allows you to access your notes wherever and whenever you wish and communicate better with your clinicians.

My Pregnancy Notes will allow you to be more involved in your care and provide your clinicians with more information than ever about you preferences. It will enable you access to up to date information about your care and the leaflets and information you need, whenever you need it.

Your clinician may also discuss the need to monitor a part of your care (Blood pressure, Temperature etc.). If this is the case, they will discuss this with you, and you will be able to enter these observations straight into your notes, which can be seen in real time by your clinician.


My Notes:

· Welcome page with advice on when to call your midwife courtesy of MAMA Academy.

· Add information to your notes including questions or maternity certificates.

· Read and review your medical notes for pregnancy care and admission episodes.

My Health:

· Record a private diary.

· Add observations if you have been asked to by your clinician.

My Preferences/information and Settings:

· Add in preferences for your pregnancy and birth.

· Access information leaflets and links.

· Take control of some of the things you see in your notes.


You will only need to register for My Pregnancy Notes once. For future pregnancies and if you choose to have your care with us, you will be able to create a new pregnancy linked to your account.

· Open web browser on PC/Tablet/Phone · launch 

· Click Register

· Click I am a pregnant woman

· Complete registration Details

o Your email will become your username

· Click Verify Email

· Navigate to your email

· Open email

· Click Verify Email

· Create Password

· Click Complete Registration

· You will be asked to complete a registration form for this pregnancy

· Click Complete Registration

· Complete form

· Select Chesterfield Royal Hospital

· Complete data sharing consent (if you do not wish to share data please discuss this with your Midwife. What your data is used for will be discussed with you).

· Click Submit


· Open web browser · Launch

iOS (Safari)

· Select the action button

· Scroll down and select add to home screen

· Click add

Android (Chrome)

· Select the action button

· Scroll down and select add to home screen

· Click add

This is an important message from our maternity services.

For the latest information in regards to service changes for the COVID-19 pandemic, please click here

If you have any questions about your personal situation then please call your midwife and they will be more than happy to talk through your queries and questions. There are also contact numbers for you on your hand held notes.

We have also set up an advice line, specifically for pregnant ladies only, where you can ask any questions you might have about COVID-19 and your pregnancy. This includes what to do if you are experiencing symptoms (a new, continuous cough or high temperature above 37.8 degrees Celsius) or if you and your family have to self-isolate.

The number to call is 01246 512361 and this will be manned between 08:30 and 16:30. If you need advice outside of these hours then you will find contact numbers on the front of your handheld notes.

For any general enquiries during pregnancy, not relating to COVID-19, please call the Pregnancy Assessment Centre as usual on 01246 516146

Service Outline

  • Chesterfield Birth Centre, based at Chesterfield Royal Hospital
  • Antenatal and postnatal inpatient ward
  • Community midwifery service for North Derbyshire
  • Antenatal clinic at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

The directorate provides a wide range of choices for both antenatal and intrapartum care. There are a range of maternity care options including consultant care, shared care and midwife only care, including home birth.

A purpose built and individually designed Birth Centre at Chesterfield Royal Hospital that opened in January 2010 provides 8 Consultant led care rooms, including 1 with birth pool, and a further 4 midwifery led care rooms, including 3 with birth pools.

For most women the community midwife is responsible for antenatal bookings, reducing the need for attendance at hospital. A patient held maternity record is in use throughout the service. A full range of antenatal tests, including Down's risk screening is available and ultrasound scanning is carried out on all patients who request screening at 12 and 20 weeks gestation. Ultrasound is accessible to all GP's and community midwives by direct referral, and includes a limited service at weekends.

Upon leaving hospital new parents are supported in their own homes by the community midwifery service.

Full paediatric support services are available, including intensive care for pre-term babies (see neonatal unit information). Breastfeeding is promoted throughout the maternity service and is supported by a full-time infant feeding adviser. The Trust is committed to supporting Mothers to breastfeed and has UNICEF Baby Friendly accreditation.

Home and Hospital Birth

Having your baby at home

You know your home.
You know it's comfortable and familiar.
Its the place where you feel secure and relaxed.

Your home might be where you want to be for the birth of your baby - with family, friends and your midwife.

Please download the leaflet below for further information.

Having a Hospital Birth

Having your baby in hospital doesn't have to mean lots of 'hi-tech' equipment and doctors involved in your care. But, if you feel that it's important for all this to be available (just in case you need it), you might think that a hospital birth is the best option for you. You may also be advised, that because of your individual circumstances, a hospital birth is the safest choice for you and your baby.

Please download the at the bottom of the page for further information.